TOURBAN Project Second Meeting Held in Modena, Italy between the dates of 2nd-6th of May, 2017

The second project meeting held in Modena, Italy between the dates of 2nd and 6th of May, 2017 is about storytelling and the 5-day-training program of our IO2. It helps us make a smooth connection about what we have learned on the workshop and our project IO1 and IO2.

The meeting starts with “getting to know each other through stories” session since we have already in 1 and half day “Story telling workshop” guided by Michael van Alderwagen. While developing any kind of presentation, different variables such as preparation time, experience of the speaker, preferred behavior of the speaker and resources play an important role.


Meeting Minutes – Signature List

Videos of Presentations

Turkey Presentation

The Netherlands Presentation

Romania Presentation

Italy Presentation