Project consortium consists of 5 partners and coordinated by Necmettin Erbakan University.

Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey
 Necmetin Erbakan University, a state university founded in 2010, with 15 Faculties, 4 Colleges, 4 Institutes, 13 Research Centers and a State Musical Conservatory. It is privileged of housing three oldest higher educational institutions in Konya; Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education (since 1962), the Faculty of Theology (since 1962), and Meram Faculty of Medicine (since 1982). The mission of the university is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence, producing knowledge within universal values and scientific ethics, bringing up productive, innovative, participatory and self-confident individuals who are able to uphold our values and respect toward peers, community and nature. Over 30.000 students (more than 6.000 postgraduate and one thousand international students) with 3.000 academic and administrative staff, are making contributions to the university’s academic activities steadily and it one of the most important institutes of higher education in Turkey. It also aims to foster education-society cooperation by being integrated to all sectors of society. This is to be done by bringing teaching, research and social services up to universal standards. It has an experienced, dynamic academic staff that many of them with international experience. It offers alumni, faculty and staff a platform from which they can leverage their professional experience and skills to launch new ventures or accelerate the growth of existing ones.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey
Konya Metropolitan Municipality is a public institution. It gained the status of Metropolitan Municipality in 1982, it has 18 departments, 75 branch offices and approximately 8000 employees. It is the largest municipality in Turkey covering and area of over 2.200.000 population and 42 thousand km2. It serves 31 regions with both social municipalism mentality and technically. In 2014, with its 1 Billion TL budget, it was one of the municipalities with the highest budget. Our mission is to serve with a participant, transparent administration understanding without making compromises in justice and honesty and to use resources planned, programmed, effective and beneficial to satisfy the needs of the city and city population and provide high quality living standards for the population to reach historical, cultural and financial prosperity. Tourism is one of the most important, developing industries in our day and age and to provide service to our public in the best way possible with local administration our municipality established the tourism branch office. A proffesional staff of tour guides, tourism managers and project coordinators provides service accordingly to the needs of the city.

Konya Science Center, Turkey
Konya Science Center is the first truly large interactive science center dedicated to informal learning about science and technology cooperated with The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). TUBITAK is responsible for the exhibition support, education support for its staff and funding of this project while the building itself is being funded and constructed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, the largest city in Turkey. Indoor area is approximately 26,000 m2, total area (include all facility) 100,000 m2. The center which first opened in April, 2014 has science exhibits (Our bodies, Our world, Sultans of Science and Basic Steps have been fully established), the largest planetarium, educational departments and sky observatory building. The center is welcomed more than 300.000 visitors since its openning. Expected that this science center will attract 1 million visitors per year, which makes it a promising attraction for Konya and Turkey. The center is open to all ages and the goal is to bring people with different backgrounds together to transfer knowledge through experimental and practical spaces that are designed to trigger curiosity. The centers would satisfy all the senses of the human being. Konya Science Center has strived to not just give the information, but to increase their attention and the importance of science through interaction.

InEuropa Srl is an Italian Ltd providing information and services with ability and professionalism with the aim of sensitizing public and private bodies on policies and programmes of the European Union, to elaborate projects and supply anyone is interested in Community opportunities with technical assistance. InEuropa has been founded in January 2006 by experts that for more than 20 years have been working on Community projects and subjects aimed at supporting public and private bodies and associations in the access to Community financial opportunities.
InEuropa is growing thanks to professional skilled experts working in team on European projects with competency and enthusiasm. InEuropa focuses on inter-relational exchange, dialogue, listening, design of tailored paths aimed at transforming ideas into concrete projects. The methodology used is based on the practical experience gained in the last 20 years by its expert staff, its facilitators of change driving to sustainability.
The company pursues the following general objectives:
• to trigger a process of growth and change that helps developing new initiatives, strengthening business positioning, creating a transnational path of exchange and innovation
• to raise awareness and inform territorial administrators on European policies and programmes and their link to local policy
• to favour the creation of European relations and networks
• to find out European financial contributions to strategic activities
• to create a project designing ‘culture’ on the territory
• to join and support municipalities and other territorial bodies in project-design and management
its main activities are in providing information, training and technical assistance to any organization in Italy and abroad on EU policies and European action programmes. InEuropa also carries out research and evaluation works in the field of European policies, territorial cooperation and culture.
For this, InEuropa team is composed by facilitators and catalysts able to introduce strategic planning in any organization, being it public or private, fostering networking and avoid defragmentation in any field, with special regards to local development actions, culture and environment and social issues. InEuropa fosters innovative smart approaches and helps for positive change with special regards to environmental behaviour changes and entrepreneurship through gamification approach.

INCDT, Romania
The National Institute of Research-Development in Tourism (INCDT) was created in April 1971 as a Centre of Studies for the Promotion of Tourism, a public institution of national interest, currently operating as an institution coordinated by the Ministry of National Education. INCDT’s main activity is fundamental and applied research, of public and national interest, concerning the development and promotion of Romanian tourism.
Main research fields:
• applied research for the developing the tourism activity;
• studies and research concerning: domestic and external markets, prognoses and strategies, the monitoring tourism resources, technical-scientific syntheses and documentary materials;
• studies and research regarding the socio-economic impact of tourism and the impact on the environment.

Stichting PRIME, Netherlands
PRIME supports tourism developing implementing sustainable business model, developing innovation and defining a go-to-go market strategy. The key activities are based on their expertise on the followings methodologies Design Thinking, Gamification, Lego® Serious Play® and Business Model You®.
PRIME contribution comes from implementing methodologies and training for different universities.
combining all methodologies applied to business and education in one single methodology named BRICKme. See
PRIME runs on a regular base workshops in several countries such as Israel, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, Rumania, Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain and Lithuania supporting Young entrepreneurship.
The training enables to understand the systemic approach of tourism innovation change helping tourism stakeholders to join the global movement to build a new economy by co-sensing and co-creating the emerging future.