Leaflet-Brochures distributed online and in presentations

The contribution of higher education to employment and growth, and its international attractiveness could be enhanced through close, effective links between education , research , and innovation – the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’.
The recent shift towards open innovation has resulted in increased flows of knowledge and new types of cooperation between educational institutions, research organisations and business world. Academics and tourism practitioners from different backgrounds at partnership level have recognized the need for new innovative educational tools and frameworks that use a service mindset. These new efforts are being concerted in an interdisciplinary field, i.e. Tourism Service Science. As defined in Service Science focuses on fundamental science, models, theories and applications to drive service innovation through value co-creation.
Tourban Project Service-Dominant Logic shifts the focus on a new tourism educational paradigm moving tourism mindset from goods and the value chain existing in tourism operators, towards services and solutions, and the value network, using innovative tools to enhance education via prototyping with the local tourism stakeholder a new mindset on educational services.