Strategic Documents

Dissemination Plan


The activities of Tourban project is coordinated by the NEU partner as the dissemination activity leader, with the participation of all the project partners.
The dissemination for the first period covers 83 newspapers in Turkey, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, websites, electronic flyers, printed posters and banners. Tourban has been present in important events such as TEDx Den Helder, Science Day at Science Center in Konya attracting visitors.
The partners made wide dissemination of the project activities.
The dissemination for the first period
The dissemination is structured as follow:

1. Full report containing images of the dissemination

2. Excel table linking all dissemination activities

3. Smore flyer designed for large audiences spread via Social Media
3.1. TEDx Den Helder

3.2. Storytelling Pecha Kucha

3.3. Hackatour Turizm Konya

4. Leaflet-Brochures distributed online and in presentations
4.1. Tourban TEDx Event

4.2. Tourism is Science
4.3. Tourban Newsletter
4.4. Pecha Kucha Newsletter

5. Strategic Dissemination Time Table

Evaluation and Quality Assurance Strategy

The main goal of the Evaluation and Quality Assurance Strategy is to establish a support mechanism for the project management in order to ensure smooth cooperation and high quality of the project outputs. Quality is partly defined through the impact of the project, but should also extend to relevance, efficiency, effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Therefore the strategy aims to facilitate the Quality Management on two levels: process (smooth and timely implementation of the project) and progress (achievement and quality of the produced results/ intellectual outputs) in order to maximize the effectiveness and to identify the possible weaknesses already during the implementation so that it is possible to modify the processes to meet the project objectives outlined in the application.

Evaluation and Quality Assurance Strategy

Evaluation Questionnaire

Evaluation Reports