On Enhancing Digital Integration:

This project focuses on Mobile ICT Apps applied to tourism but not only focused on the App but on understanding how the information is co-created by the consumer, (now a prosumer with a smartphone) shared, and how is impacting the tourism sector. The Education system is not addressing the fast change; the stakeholder map did not visualize this as an ICT eco-system that involves all services that must be based on service design and community management integration.

Consumers are already displaying behavior, which suggests that they are increasingly comfortable with researching and purchasing via mobile devices, but this often forms merely part of an overall purchasing journey in the tourist industry.

Some of the activities justifying these priorities are: to enhance University/ schools curriculums and involve the stakeholder map in redesigning the services they provide adjusting them to the new social media channels e.g. creating branding, making their web site responsive to mobile phones, developing new Mobile App services with the help of the users –

On Entrepreneurship:

According to the EU Skills Panorama (2014) Employability and skills of higher education graduates Analytical Highlight, prepared by ICF GHK and Cedefop for the European Commission, graduate recruiters emphasize the importance of soft skills as well as having the opportunity for young people to gain work experience to make possible for them to compete in a changing labour market. This analytical highlight reports that “The most important skills highlighted by the employers, their team-working skills, followed by sector-specific skills, communication skills, computer skills, being able to adapt to new situations, reading/writing ability and analytical and problem-solving skills.” It shows also that other skills such as creativity and entrepreneurship as well as relevant experience are very important for companies, and that they can be acquired through high-quality apprenticeships in companies.

On Opening Up Education:

The project delivers Open Educational Resources and MOOC 4.0 version. It also organizes for the first time in Turkey a Hackatour event.

A Hackatour event is about innovation on Mobile ICT Apps and new business models design in the tourism sector. It is an open hybrid format that mixes professional advise with fun in a programme complete with activities of all kind. The event is about promoting, sharing, networking, training for creative and sharing economy in the tourism sector. It involves education, the local tourism stakeholder map and regional authorities.