4th Project Meeting in Den Helder, 10-11th of April, 2018

TOURBAN Project last meeting will be held in Den Helder, Netherlands. In the meeting IO4, Business Model Canvas of each partner country will be discussed. Each partner has to develop a business model either based in their game in IO3 or in any other approach for the tourism sector”. What we need to make certain in Den Helder meeting is each partner’s approach (game based or a new one).

Two consolidated methodologies Design Thinking and Canvas Lean are used to develop the training program in IO4. The innovation is on how they will be applied to education service design.

The methodology consists of applying business methodologies to education where education is seen as a product or service therefore needs to go through a design process and after implemented as a business/service model.

The main goal is to change the mindset teaching to design education but generating a value proposition that enables to co-create new products and services within the partnership.

Task 1 Design Thinking
Using the following steps service design by;
1. Visualization: using imagery to envision possibilities and bring them to life
2. Journey Mapping: assessing the existing experience through the customer’s eyes
3. Value Chain Analysis: assessing the current value chain that supports the customer’s journey
4. Mind Mapping: generating insights from exploration activities and using those to create design criteria
5. Brainstorming: generating new possibilities and new alternative business models
6. Concept Development: assembling innovative elements into a coherent alternative solution that can be explored and evaluated
7. Assumption Testing: isolating and testing the key assumptions that will drive the success or failure of a concept
8. Rapid Prototyping: expressing a new concept in a tangible form for exploration, testing, and refinement
9. Customer Co-Creation: enrolling customers to participate in creating the solution that best meets their needs
10. Learning Launch: creating an affordable experiment that lets customers experience the new solution over an extended period of time, to test key assumptions with market data.

Task 2 Canvas Lean
1.Key Partners (who are they)
2.Key Activities (what key activities our Valuable Proposition requires)
3.Key Resources (what resource are needed)
4.Valuable proposition (what value we deliver to our customer)
5.Customer Relationships (what type of relationship does each customer segment requires)
6.Channels (define the channel phases)
7.Customer segment (mass market, niche, segmented)
8.Cost structure
9.Revenue stream
10.Problems (what problem we are trying to solve)
11.Solution (what solution we propose)
12.Key Metrics
13.Unfair Advantage

Output of IO4
-One training program will be about how to design new business models
-At least 3 new educational services designed as tourism resources one per country (TR, IT, RO)

Agenda of the Meeting