Mobil Girişimciler için Turizm Temalı Hackatour Etkinliğine Başvurular Başlıyor!

Projenin Detayları

Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi koordinatörlüğünde, Konya Büyükşehir Belediyesi, Konya Bilim Merkezi, INCD Turism, Stichting PRIME ve InEuropa işbirliğinde 2016 yılında Erasmus+ Yüksek Öğretim Stratejik Ortaklık Programı çerçevesinde AB Bakanlığı Ulusal Ajansı tarafından kabul edilen ve desteklenen Turizm temalı “ TOURBAN-Tourism Urban & Social Tapestry-Developing Soft & ICT/Mobile Learning Skills” başlıklı proje kapsamında mobil uygulama geliştiricilerine ve ekosisteme destek vermek amacıyla Kasım 2017’de Konya’da gerçekleştirilecek olan Turizm Temalı HACKATOUR etkinliğine başvurular başlıyor.

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TOURBAN Newsletter

A brief description about our project aim, activities and ongoing process is delivered through first TOURBAN Newsletter.
Overall goal of the project is to achieve knowledge triangle, digital integration, opening up education, entrepreneurship and soft skills within the collaboration of large stakeholder map in the tourism sector.
On Enhancing Digital Integration, this project focuses on Mobile ICT Apps applied to tourism but not only focused on the App but on understanding how the information is co-created by the consumer, (now a prosumer with a smartphone) shared, and how is impacting the tourism sector
A powerful global conversation has begun based on New Visual Literacy with information spatially equally distributed.

TOURBAN Newsletter

Storytelling: Pecha Kucha

To develop stories for social media PechaKucha is the right tool. We need a main message and then sub messages under the main topic to structure our story. The emotion we aim to elicit is also should be well organized at the beginning. Whenever we want to create a story we should think of the emotions of the audience, which emotions we want to produce. So, these make our audiences interested throughout our story. Furthermore, our each sub message should be explained and supported clearly with strong quotes or persuasive argument.

Storytelling Pecha Kucha

TOURBAN Project was promoted to the related stakeholders through TUBITEM Conference held by Konya Science Center

TUBITAK, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Konya Science Center, which cooperate in the aim of bringing together stakeholders working in the public and private sectors and developing stakeholders’ relations with each other in order to disseminate and develop science and technology in Turkey, 2017 “Turkey Science and Technology Center Conference” was realized. During the conference, 60 different promotional stands were exhibited as participation took place all over Turkey. Program hosted by the Konya Science Center and TOURBAN Erasmus Project and its activities, main aims and the place of Konya Science Center were explained to the guests.

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Leaflet-Brochures distributed online and in presentations

The contribution of higher education to employment and growth, and its international attractiveness could be enhanced through close, effective links between education , research , and innovation – the three sides of the ‘knowledge triangle’.
The recent shift towards open innovation has resulted in increased flows of knowledge and new types of cooperation between educational institutions, research organisations and business world. Academics and tourism practitioners from different backgrounds at partnership level have recognized the need for new innovative educational tools and frameworks that use a service mindset. These new efforts are being concerted in an interdisciplinary field, i.e. Tourism Service Science. As defined in Service Science focuses on fundamental science, models, theories and applications to drive service innovation through value co-creation.
Tourban Project Service-Dominant Logic shifts the focus on a new tourism educational paradigm moving tourism mindset from goods and the value chain existing in tourism operators, towards services and solutions, and the value network, using innovative tools to enhance education via prototyping with the local tourism stakeholder a new mindset on educational services.

Dissemination of the project results to Romanian Stakeholders

On 31st of May 2017 INCDT organized a dissemination event for the presentation of the resultsof the TOURBAN – Tourism Urban & Social Tapestry Development Soft & ICT / Mobile learning skills project. The event, organized in Bucharest at the INCDT headquarters, was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Tourism, the University of Bucharest and the Institute of National Economy of the Romanian Academy. In this first dissemination event, was presented:- the results of the research carried out within IO1. The main stakeholder is the Ministry of Tourism, the institution responsible for defining tourism policy at national level;- IO2 training program structure. The main stakeholders are the University of Bucharest and the National Economy Institute, the aim being to find possible options for the implementation of the training program in the university environment.

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TOURBAN Project Second Meeting Held in Modena, Italy between the dates of 2nd-6th of May, 2017

The second project meeting held in Modena, Italy between the dates of 2nd and 6th of May, 2017 is about storytelling and the 5-day-training program of our IO2. It helps us make a smooth connection about what we have learned on the workshop and our project IO1 and IO2.

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Regular local partners meetings held in Konya in terms of first project IO.

In our local meeting with the Municipality, we talked about the research, coding and analyzing steps of the produced software program that will help us retrieve the big data for our IO1 research in the project and we made these points clear.
• Spot data are shown on the map by Heatmap analysis and map output is available.
• The desired number of graph bars has been displayed so that it will be bigger to smaller or vice versa.
• The histogram curve is shown to be a maximum of 10 bars.
• With word analysis, categorical searches have been provided with the ability to list which words are used and receive excel output.
• Categorically strong and weak points are graphically analyzed along with word analysis.